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Using fresh foods, as well as a variety of spices and ingredients is central to healthy cuisine that satisfies the food lover, but also keeps us on track with our goals. Translating that philosophy to fitness, our Group Training and fitness classes help keep things fresh, introducing new exercises, experiences, and frequency of workouts for our clients. This lineup of Group Training Sessions help diversify your fitness regime, or simply provide a great introduction to all that PWC has to offer.

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Whether you enjoy an intense strength and conditioning session, want to hit those trouble areas, or want to sweat to a great spinning session, PWC has a boutique and customized approach.  You can enjoy unlimited weekly sessions in our 3 Group Training studios or training at home or while traveling with PWC Go


Functional Strength & Conditioning Workouts

Our personal trainers coach you through high energy workouts that consist or scientifically designed exercise sequences of strength, power, and endurance exercises to get you the maximum workout impact for every minute.

The Community!

The team mentality at PWC's S&C Personal Training workouts helps clients transform their lifestyle physically and mentally with encouragement from not just their personal trainer, but the community and a no-ego attitude.

The Most Efficient Workout in Akron

In 45 minutes you can burn over 400-750 calories during the workout, but you know what's best? You get the post metabolic effect for 48 hours after your workout, which means a one hour workout gets you two days of metabolic boost!

Designed For All Fitness Levels

Our 101, 201 and 301 Method allows for all clients to participate in these results focused workouts. We don't judge you on abilities, rather, your capabilities and the ability to be safe in exercise. This method is a progressive approach to meeting each client where they are at and continuing progressing the workout challenge based on their increase fitness levels. 

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