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At Personalized Wellness Center, we don’t think it’s fair for you to donate your money to fitness and wellness centers each month or for you to put in hard work and get little success or short-lived results. That’s why we deliver a more comprehensive unique consultative process with our fitness coaches for all clients to receive apersonalized service offering and programming, for all goals, preferences, and budgets.

Our consultative fitness and wellness center environment provides accountability and personalization to each client. Whether it’s a personal training client or 24 hour fitness center client. As a new client, you'll be guided through this unique and comprehensive consultative process where you'll get a Personalized Wellness Plan, where we create a customized blueprint for how to best use our services and facility base on your needs, goals, interest, and budget.



Whether you want to go it alone in our 24 hour fitness and wellness center, want the ultimate in personal attention & instruction with our personal fitness trainers, just want to diversify your fitness classes or appreciate the motivation of a group environment, but still want a personalized workout, then we have the solution for you.



  • Private or Semi-Private Training Sessions
  • Fitness Assessments
  • 24/7 Access to the Fitness Center
  • At Home Workouts
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  • Personalized Nutrition Plan
  • Nutrition Education System
  • Nutrition Supplementation
  • Weekly Grocery List
  • Recipe Book
  • Weekly Meal Prep Instructions
  • Guide to Eating Out

Accountability Coaching

  • Accountability Coach
  • Workout Tracking System
  • Accountability & Motivation Videos
  • Weekly Weigh Ins & Body Fat Measurements

private training

Many personal trainers stand by your side during your session, but our fitness trainers we believe in being hands-on, physically showing you proper technique, guiding your arms, legs and hands through the proper motions. If you are new to exercise, you’ll appreciate the education, and if you are already accustom to fitness, you’ll gain a new appreciation in the proper movements and techniques – and you’ll feel the difference!


Personal training is helpful for any person. But personal program design is critical to your success. Any fitness trainer can take you through a generic workout, but our personal trainers craft a comprehensive personal program that is based on your fitness assessments and goals. Preplanning each session for, we’ll craft a minute-by-minute workout for you that will keep you progressing towards your goals.

PWC private training clients are busy, and value their privacy. The typical gym or health club environment means waiting for machines and feeling like people are watching you workout.  At PWC, our personal trainers personal approach goes a step further with our fully equipped, completely private training studios.  Our in club studios makes PWC one of the most unique wellness centers in the country.  Not only do we have a full health club experience, but we also offer separate exercise studios away from the main gym for our personal training clients and other instructor lead programs. There’s no waiting. There’s great focus by you and your Transformation Coach. No peer pressure or intimidation. It’s an environment that makes it easy to save time, enjoy your time here, and get the results you expect.

semi-private coaching

Personal training doesn’t necessarily have to mean one-on-one, it means personal to you and to your goals. In the spirit of redefining personal training, we’ve designed our Semi-Private Training program for those who enjoy the small group environment, but still appreciate a focused attention from our personal trainers. 

Clients love our semi-private personal training because they get a highly personalized program that specifically designed to help them achieve their goals, prevent injury, address strength and flexibility imbalances, but get the camaraderie and motivation of like minded clients. There’s no more than four participants in each semi-private personal training session, so you will more easily get the personal attention of one of our personal trainers to ensure each and ever exercise is safe and effective.

Community Motivation + Personalized workouts + Expert Instruction = Accelerated Results.

Bring a few friends and form your own Semi-Private Personal Training session time, or choose from a variety of groups already in session at PWC of Akron. You’ll find the excitement, energy and accountability you’ve experienced in other “group fitness” classes, but that we’ve taken it to another level by employing customization by our certified personal trainers and our unique PWC philosophy.

You’ll read more below about your first visit and early steps in program development – the same services our one-one-one personal training clients receive from our certified personal trainers. The key difference is the semi-private personal training group sessions you’ll attend.



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